ACCC Insurance Offers Insurance to the Uninsurable

There are a variety of reasons one may not be able to purchase non-standard vehicle insurance. If a driver has too many traffic violations on his driving record, has been convicted of DUI, or has been in an accident without being insured, he may find himself faced with seeking a non-standard policy. Non-standard insurance is coverage provided to drivers who generally will not qualify for standard coverage. Non-standard coverage is typically more expensive than standard coverage, but not as expensive as driving without any insurance and getting caught.

The Basics of ACCC Insurance

Some insurance companies, including ACCC Insurance, focus on offering non-standard coverage for drivers. Headquartered in  Houston, Texas, ACCC Insurance also has locations in  Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina, Mississippi, and New Mexico. The company sells policies that comply with state mandates in the resident state of the policyholder.

Drivewiththeeagle and Non-Standard Auto Policies

Like the standard insurance policy, non-standard coverage must meet state-required minimum coverage amounts. Each state sets its own policies on what those limits are. Non-standard policies can mirror their standard counterparts, though if compared apples to apples, the non-standard policy is usually more expensive, due to the covered driver being a higher risk.

Standard insurance policies have narrowly defined rules of acceptance. A non-standard policy has a wider range of acceptance rules, such as covering those who have SR-22 certificate responsibilities, multiple tickets, or restricted driver’s license privileges.

Non-Standard Life Insurance Policies

While auto insurance is the most common form of a non-standard policy, it is not the only form. Life insurance also comes in non-standard forms. Non-standard life insurance is used for people who have high-risk jobs or hobbies. An example of one who would need a non-standard life insurance policy would be a professional sky-diver or a professional movie stuntman. Due to the higher risk of death that their occupations place them in, they would be unable to obtain standard life insurance. In addition to those who work in high-risk occupations, those who participate in high-risk hobbies, such as mountain climbing are also candidates for the non-standard life insurance policy.

ACCC Insurance prides itself on providing non-standard insurance products to those who need it, either due to driving records, chosen professions, or leisure time hobbies. Standard insurance policies often place wording within the body stating that certain occupations, activities, or hobbies will not be covered. If a claim is filed and it is determined that the event happened while taking part in such activities, the insurance company does not have to pay the claim. This makes it important, to be honest about lifestyle and jobs, so if it means a non-standard policy is needed, it can be purchased and the policy owner can relax, knowing if anything happens, his beneficiaries will get the policy proceeds.

Many non-standard insurance policies do not use credit ratings as a determining factor in underwriting coverage or premium charges.

Disclaimer: This is a review about ACCC Insurance, a company not related to our All Car Coverage Falcon Website.